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That Feeling In The Soul

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The core of this site is its blog posts. I focus on music, photography, and art as a whole, and this is where the site will turn its gaze. The goal is to bring more and more people into the world of Funk, one way or another. 


Why Write?

Sometimes, something shifts inside of you and you feel a need to begin putting pen to paper. Or, fingers to keys. What I write may not be the most revolutionary, but at the same time it is still worth putting out to the world.


About Me

I, Lucas Beck, am a long-time resident of New Orleans. The home of Funk, the spirit of Soul alive and well in these streets despite the way the world has been. I have grown up surrounded by these things, and now it is time to share them.




Welcome Friend

My name is Lucas, and I live and breathe the soul of New Orleans, working between the worlds of music, art and photography and going to share what I can with the world.



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