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My Story


My name is Lucas, and I live and breathe the soul of New Orleans, working between the worlds of music, art, and photography and going to share what I can with the world. I am a long-time resident of New Orleans. The home of Funk, the spirit of Soul alive and well in these streets despite the way the world has been. I have grown up surrounded by these things, and now it is time to share them. 

I have worked between the artistic and practical worlds, weaving between the music scene here and across the country, the photography that comes with it for artistic and other endeavors, and have grown to appreciate art as a whole. My life’s work has been as a freelancer primarily within the music industry, but I have experienced and learned a lot about other areas too. I believe strongly in following your rhythm. Soul Funk

Special is simply a demonstration of mine to the world, and I hope you enjoy being along for the ride.